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Ready for Michelle is a grassroots movement to encourage Michelle Obama to run for public office.  The nomination process of the 2016 presidential election allowed for the selection of candidates that do not share the same poise, dignity, or popularity of Michelle Obama.  America needs a loving healer like Michelle in order to bring together factions of our divided nation to produce policy results.  The goal of this movement is to get the ball rolling by identifying a network of supporters, volunteers, and donors that would support Michelle in this endeavor.  Then, if she can be convinced to run, we can provide her with an early advantage against any opponents.

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Because we are a grassroots movement with zero full-time staff, please be patient when waiting for a response.

Ready for Michelle PAC
PO Box 297
McLean, VA 22101

Phone: 571-766-6428
Email: info@ReadyForMichelle.com